Interactive website you are currently visiting is to recall the memory of dynamic cultural life of Tomaszów Mazowiecki and its ethnically diverse citizens. It is also intended to animate educational and artistic initiatives seen as a dialogue between generations and cultures, past and current cultural face of the city.

Spaces of Memory Foundation would like to encourage you to create with us this virtual archive of the city designed as a collection of memories, accounts, photographs, postcards, letters and other “records” of our memory relating to Tomaszów. The present website is a “storage” created for the purpose of exchange of thoughts as well as for the research of Jewish traces in family narratives, architecture and cultural tradition of the city.

Storage of Memory consists of three thematic sections titled as follows: Kuźnice Tomaszowskie (1788-1830), Tomaszów Rawski (1830-1926), Tomaszów Mazowiecki (1926-1945). There are three development stages of the city which gradually gained and then lost its multicultural quality. Along with the modules which we will develop together, on the website you can find the Reading Room with bibliography and links to the websites devoted to the history of Tomaszów Mazowiecki.

Bibliographic abbreviations (Surname of the Author or Editor, Year: page) provided in selected articles send to the Reading Room where you can find full description of the books.

Do not hesitate to send any materials that are signs of  presence of Jews in Tomaszów and its vicinities as well as to write your personal memories. Please provide it to the address:

Please enclose a short description of the material sent (date of occurrence, place, people who took part, source).

Sending the materials means you agree to put them on the website and use for promotional purposes of the Spaces of Memory Foundation.

All the materials on the website: are the property of Justyna Biernat and other persons who have agreed to publish their work. Copying, using, distributing or changing any of the materials published on this website is not allowed without the consent of its author or authors.

President of the Spaces of Memory Foundation

dr Justyna Biernat

Translation: Katarzyna Danilewicz.

dr Justyna Biernat is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Department of the History and Theory of Theatre) in Warsaw. She graduated from the Jagiellonian University (Theatre and Drama Studies as well as Classics) in Cracow. She was undertaking research towards her Ph.D. at the University of Oxford in 2013. She is a reviewer for Polish theatre journals, tutor of classes on modern theatre performances for students and drama classes instructor for children. She is an author and a runner of the educational and artistic projects of the Spaces of Memory Foundation. She is albo an author of the book entitled “Sen o teatrze. Listy z tomaszowskiego getta” (Tomaszów Mazowiecki 20018). Tomaszów Mazowiecki is her home town.



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