Black silhouettes

The Polish-English “Czarne sylwetki/Black silhouettes” is a guide to the Tomaszów Mazowiecki ghetto. It allows to explore the most important places from the perspective of the pre-war Jewish community, which were also important for the later functioning of the ghetto.

The ghetto in Tomaszów was established in 1940,  about 15.000 Jews from Tomaszów and surrounding area were imprisoned there. In 1942 it was transformed into the forced labour camp, called the small ghetto. The small ghetto was liquidated in May 1943.

The “Black silhouettes. Guide to the Tomaszów Mazowiecki ghetto” consists of description of the most important places in the ghetto, the map, photographs and post-war testimonies. The guide is a result of research, interviews, educational and artistic projects run by Justyna Biernat. Due to the limited source materials, memoirs and family archives are paricularly significant in exploring the history of the Tomaszów ghetto. Therefore, if you would like to enrich this guide with more detailed and expanded materials, please contact the Spaces of Memory Foundation.



The guidebook is free. Please, contact the Spaces of Memory Foundation ( if you are interested in getting the copy.

This publication is an outcome of research conducted by Justyna Biernat.
It was developed within the project financed from the resources of the Forum for Dialogue.



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