Barlickiego 26/28 street, former St. Tekla street. In the background the palace once belonged to factory-owner Moritz Piesch

The Spaces of Memory Foundation has the pleasure of inviting you to its Studio located at Barlickiego 26/28 street in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. The former St. Tekla street, which is the location of our studio, is a post-industrial space closely linked to the history of the town. The studio is a place of creative educational and artistic activities, targeted at all age groups. Together we build Spaces for Children, Spaces for Youth, Adults and Seniors. Our offer is also addressed to kindergarten and school teachers who want their students to deepen their knowledge on the multicultural history of Tomaszów (through lectures, interactive workshops, educational walks).

The Foundation would like to thank Katarzyna and Stanisław Fila for sharing the space for our cultural activity.


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